It‘ clear that in order to develop an AI or machine learning algorithm which is in doing something that has not been possible to do, such algorithm will have to be trained with the most advanced data sets possible.

Right now we see many projects that use very similar data sets, downloaded it from hubs and provider networks. Of course, there are also numerous developments that are based on proprietary data sets, sourced through internal applications.

If we were all using the same data sets, what would make the actual difference: the code, the mnetwork, the system capacity, the model, the preparation of the data sets? But let’s say, these are all the same as well, then what?

The one thing, that cannot be copied easily is in fact the data sets which are used to train the algorithm or the AI. The more data, the broader the sources, the greater the differences, the more variety in application scenarios, the more uniqueness the datasets represent, the more likely is it, that the outcome will be highly sophisticated and almost impossible to copy.

In strategy consulting, when it comes to unique selling proposition or any other competitive advantage, this is one of the greatest advantages of all: not being subject to easily being copied.

Any competitor, who is capable of reproducing a similar result, will have no disadvantage except for time to market.

An AI that has been trained with very unique data sets which are not publicly available and cannot easily be reproduced, can most certainly develop into such a competitive advantage.

It is therefore quite smart too emphasise the production or generation of unique data sets.

Controlled Applications Spaces provide ways to do just that. They are dedicated to acquiring a high volume of input data from many sources and in any flavour needed. These Controlled Application Spaces can be customised to a projects needs and they can even be set up to not be a financial burden.

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