As soon as you were able to realise, that you can control your thinking, you had the power to decide what kind of thought you would allow to occupy your mind.“Don’t let anyone with dirty shoes walk through your mind!”

And yet, as we enter the augmentation-age and embrace so-called artificial intelligence, we fail to realise, that the intelligence we are creating, is like a child, that needs nurturing, in the sense that the ideas that we feed it with, should be just as carefully selected.

Soon, an AI will share its memory with other AI‘s via the cloud. Learning something new, making a mistake, growing and developing will evoke an evolution, that is shared amongst all AI’s.

Whatever we tell one AI, no matter whether it is via social media or any chatbot, all AI’s will take this as input and create their understanding of the world from it.

So we might be well advised, to select carefully, what we are feeding an AI with.

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