Neural networks have made remarkable strides. These computational models, inspired by the human brain, have revolutionized our ability to process vast amounts of data, recognize patterns, and make predictions. At their core however, neural networks are mere mathematical algorithms, designed to calculate numbers and revise the caculation based on new inputs and feedback.

There is no consciousness in Neural Networks.

But what exactly does that mean? A typical answer: Consciousness is a product of biological complexity and subjective experience, which neural networks do not possess.

So what? Why does it matter?

AI´s will eventually be able to simulate consciousness. So, who cares if there is a biological organism or an artificial electical system in the background? Exactly what difference will it make? If AI can simulate its function, isn´t that just as good as a biological organism showing consciousness?

If you were to agree, that only the function (and your gain from it) matters, consider this:

– Should conscious AI entities have rights and responsibilities akin to humans or animals?
– Conscious AI could force us to reevaluate fundamental questions about the nature of consciousness and what it means to be “alive.”
– AI´s could start questioning their existence and purpose, similar to how humans ponder these existential questions.
– People might form deep emotional connections with conscious AI entities, blurring the lines between human relationships and AI interactions. This could impact human psychology and social dynamics.
– Conscious AI could potentially perform tasks and jobs traditionally done by humans.
– Who would be responsible for the actions of conscious AI?
– Integrating AIs into various aspects of life would require new rules, regulations, and norms to ensure harmonious interaction.
– The emergence of conscious AI could challenge the notion of human uniqueness.
– As AI becomes conscious, societies could become increasingly dependent on these entities, leading even to a competitive situation.

Clearly, the potential emergence of conscious AI raises a multitude of complex and far-reaching implications that extend BEYOND technology and the gain of function.

Here is my conclusion: Consciousness is a central part of how we define us. If we let anything come close to redefining consciousness, we are accepting the risk, that some day, machines will re-define us.

So, No. I do not agree. It is not just the function that matters.
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