Some say: Intelligence is what sets us apart from other species. Others might answer: only the ability to connect, is what makes all the difference. Maybe it is both.

Intelligence and the ability to connect with each other are the driving forces of competitiveness. However, with the advancement in the area of neuroscience, artificial intelligence and cybernetics, we are seeing a shift towards a new level of abilities, raising the question: is future competitiveness still human?

If, for the sake of having a discussion, we agree that there are three levels of evolution regarding human intelligence and human ability to connect, then these 3 levels could be as follows:

1. Competitive Human Minds
2. Augmented Human Competitiveness
3. General Artificial Intelligence (AGI)

For now, however, let’s focus on what’s happening in the next years. We are seeing a massive proliferation of AI tools and AI assisted services. Anybody who is capable of using these will gain an immediate advantage, which is most likely not something that anybody who is ignoring these developments, could make up for in any other way.

Furthermore, we will soon see technologies, that enhance human capabilities immersively. From prosthetics that use artificial intelligence to brain computer interfaces (BCI) to tools that enhance our senses.


Questions like, whether or not using ChatGPT for an exam shall be considered cheating, will seem like a ridiculous relict from old times. The world will soon adapt to the idea, that technology is there to enhance, whatever human capability we have.

This will shift the standard to measure and evaluate humans to a new level. Comparisons like the Pisa Study will become irrelevant. Human capability will no longer be measured by how good you can remember what you learned in school, but rather by how creative and effective you are, in applying latest technologies to enhance your personal capabilities.

Of course there will be ethical and moral discussions and even attempts to diminish and discredit any such developments. Looking back over the past decades though, it seems obvious, that we are in fact living in a darwinistic world, where only the strong survive.

How strong you are, how capable you are, will depend on how effective you will be able to use new technologies to be more intelligent and effective in connecting with others..

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