Dreams and Artificial Stories

With the rise of AI, we, as a society, need to develop a solid awareness over what is truly human and what is merely a calculated probability. Ever thought about, what is the difference between dreaming and the output that ChatGPT produces? Thoughts! Here is a train of thought that might shed some light on […]

Your Competitive AI Advantage

It‘ clear that in order to develop an AI or machine learning algorithm which is in doing something that has not been possible to do, such algorithm will have to be trained with the most advanced data sets possible. Right now we see many projects that use very similar data sets, downloaded it from hubs […]

Ready to Think Outside-the-box?

When it comes to Projects, we are eager to get a project plan in place, budgets and milestones, a blue-print, a design or a mockup, schedule meetings, setup a PMO and intiate the change workstream. Regardless whether Waterfall, Agile or something new is driving this, there is a method in place and we will follow […]