The Search for Identity

I recently had an interesting conversation about values, during which it was said, that “it (our drive in life) is all about identity”, at least, so I remember it. We didn´t touch on it any further, but it kept working. Until it lead me to the following question: is identity maybe the one thing that […]

Connecting by Values

The Bridge Between Human Leadership and AI Consciousness 🌌 🚀 The Corporate Evolution: In the bustling corridors of modern corporations, a silent revolution is taking place. Recruitment, once a deeply human-centric activity, is now increasingly being handed over to algorithms. Efficiency and speed? Granted. But are we missing the essence of human values? 🌳 Organizational […]

The Power of AI: Transforming Businesses

In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, Artificial Intelligence (AI) stands out as a beacon of potential and promise. At Lakeside Analytics, we’ve delved deep into the intricacies of AI, and here’s a comprehensive look at how we envision its transformative power for businesses. AI Solutions: The New Business Catalyst AI is not just a buzzword; […]

Preparing for Replacement: The Automation Trend

Given that we see a vastly increasing size of artificially created content, we can assume that the amount of cIn the relentless march of technological progress, humans have found themselves in a peculiar situation. Instead of simply harnessing the power of intelligent machines to enhance their lives, there is a growing trend of humans actively […]

Who is creating your Reality?

Given that we see a vastly increasing size of artificially created content, we can assume that the amount of content, which is being created by real humans, will shrink in percentage. With generative AI, spreading like wildfire and rapidly generating more and more content – not just through the act of real humans, but also […]

Language is AI´s Trojan Horse

Our cinematic obsession with physical threats from AI—killer robots, direct brain-machine interfaces, and apocalyptic wars—may have inadvertently created a smokescreen. 🤔 By being preoccupied with these tangible threats, we’ve overlooked the subtler, yet profound, danger of AI’s dominion over language. In our popular culture, we’ve often been distracted by the dramatic allure of rogue robots […]

AI: Beyond Antropomorphism

In our exploration of AI and its intersection with human personality, it’s essential to confront the stark reality of how artificial neural networks function. While ANNs are remarkable tools for data processing and decision-making, they are fundamentally different from human beings. The Reality of Artificial Neural Networks: 1. **Numbers and Algorithms:** At their core, ANNs […]

You are the Parent of your AI´s mind

As soon as you were able to realise, that you can control your thinking, you had the power to decide what kind of thought you would allow to occupy your mind.“Don’t let anyone with dirty shoes walk through your mind!” And yet, as we enter the augmentation-age and embrace so-called artificial intelligence, we fail to […]

The Future of Work: Co-Laborating with Machines

We find ourselves at a pivotal moment where machines are actively learning from our behaviors, preferences, individual traits, and even our seemingly logical or illogical decisions. The organizations of today must come to recognize that harnessing the full potential of AI goes beyond focusing solely on organizational learning; they must also take deliberate steps to […]

AI Responsibility and Accountability

Are we turning a blind eye to who really is responsible for whatever AI can do?There is a lot of talk about the dangers of AI. From AI controlling critical infrastructure systems to eliminating humanity, the fantasies are without limits. As of today, and that is a critical distinction, any AI that is being deployed, […]

AI Consciousness – It´s the function that matters?

Neural networks have made remarkable strides. These computational models, inspired by the human brain, have revolutionized our ability to process vast amounts of data, recognize patterns, and make predictions. At their core however, neural networks are mere mathematical algorithms, designed to calculate numbers and revise the caculation based on new inputs and feedback. There is […]

Dreams and Artificial Stories

With the rise of AI, we, as a society, need to develop a solid awareness over what is truly human and what is merely a calculated probability. Ever thought about, what is the difference between dreaming and the output that ChatGPT produces? Thoughts! Here is a train of thought that might shed some light on […]

Your Competitive AI Advantage

It‘ clear that in order to develop an AI or machine learning algorithm which is in doing something that has not been possible to do, such algorithm will have to be trained with the most advanced data sets possible. Right now we see many projects that use very similar data sets, downloaded it from hubs […]

Ready to Think Outside-the-box?

When it comes to Projects, we are eager to get a project plan in place, budgets and milestones, a blue-print, a design or a mockup, schedule meetings, setup a PMO and intiate the change workstream. Regardless whether Waterfall, Agile or something new is driving this, there is a method in place and we will follow […]