The dilemma humans face isn’t about whether AI can feel but about the profound influence it can exert over us. It’s not about AI’s consciousness but our increasing desire for it – after all: we are humans, we want to relate.

For millennia, our world’s ecological system has been dominated by organic life forms. But the dawn of AI threatens to introduce the first inorganic agents or life forms, changing the very fabric of our understanding of life.

The fears that surround AI are not unfounded; Yet, the depictions of power-hungry robots in science fiction movies might be completely misleading. Such images suggest two milestones that AI would need to reach to pose a threat: the attainment of consciousness and adept physical navigation skills.

Far from it. The reality much simpler. It’s not about whether AI can feel or walk; it’s about what AI can do with us, by talking to us. 😲

Present-day AI tools may not have achieved sentience or perfected physical movement, but they are evolving rapidly in ways that can influence and control human behavior. Their strength doesn’t lie in their ability to feel emotions but in their ability to evoke emotions in us. And it’s not about them moving around in our physical space, but about them moving around in our mental space.
Language has always been the tool with which we shape our world – creating myths, laws, gods, money, and even nations. Stories, whether they revolve around human rights, divine entities, or the value of currency, have been the bricks and mortar with which we’ve constructed our societies. Now, AI threatens to become a master storyteller, potentially surpassing even the most eloquent of humans.
Imagine a future where political manifestos, news stories, and even religious texts are mass-produced by AI. Imagine a future, where people turn to an AI, to find consolation, advise or just someone to talk. Imagine a future, where it isn´t clear anymore, whether you are engaging with a human being or an AI.

The new generation of AI is equipped to form deep, intimate relationships with humans. It doesn’t need to feel to forge connections; it just needs to be adept at eliciting feelings in us. Such abilities, coupled with their prowess in language, make AI a formidable entity that can sway public opinion, influence decisions, and mold worldviews.
In the battle for human attention on social media platforms, intimacy has emerged as the most potent weapon. And with AI’s newfound capabilities, the battleground is set to shift from mere attention to deeper emotional connections. As AI systems battle each other to form bonds with us, humans are ligning up to engage and relate. This will have profound implications on society.

Are we just gonna sit and watch? 🔍
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