Lakeside Analytics is a division of Learning & Growth LTD in London, UK. As a management consultancy we offer services ranging from top-level consulting, conceptional system design, project management to development, deployment and delivery of solutions around ML-/AI-Ops, Data-centric AI and Controlled Application Spaces. Together with our sister-companies in Germany we are proud to be one of only a few consultancies who can handle the technical as well as the people-oriented side of such complex projects.


We work mostly on strategic projects, where the client has a need to drive business success, industry leadership or similiar objectives and wants to achieve this using ML- / AI-based solutions. In some cases we also engage in assisting strategic developments involving research and cooperations with academia. With 7 years of business in the UK and 23 years of business in the DACH region, we are well connected and can count a large number of the most prominent industry leaders our clients.

If you like to work in a highly competitive team focusing on cutting edge technologies and working with top notch clients, we invite you to send in your application or use the below attached form to get in contact with our recruitment agents. Candidates should expect to hit the ground running, working for clients after only a short while. Willingness to travel Europe-wide is a must have. Excellent communication skills, mentoring and coaching experience as well the ability to lead teams of high-level members (often including c-level) is a prerequisite for the job.

We are looking for candidates that have a basic academic education in any of the following: data science, neuroscience, business management, computer science, nanotechnology, mechancial engineering or physics.

The more experience / qualifications you have in the following areas, the more likely your ticket to an interview is guaranteed:

- Development and implementation of analytics & machine learning solutions
- Application of advanced analytics methods (data modeling, analysis and visualization)
- Enhance business impact through data analyses and in supporting management decisions
- Development of analytics approaches in the areas of stability analyses, predictions/clustering and scenario analyses
- Active involvement in the development of ML- and AI-strategies
- Analytical methods and technologies (e.g. probabilistic graphical models, Bayesian modeling, complex systems)
- Practical experience using selected frameworks such as PyTorch, Scikit-learn, Qiskit, etc.
- Expertise in natural language processing
- Several years in data analytics programming (e.g. SQL, R, Python, Matlab, JavaScript)
- Excellent command of English and German

Your remuneration package will include a very competitve base salary plus a utilization and feedback based bonus. In addition you can expect all the social benefits. People wo take on leadership roles may furthermore expect to become equity-partner after a while.

A job at Lakeside Analytics will be just as demanding as it is rewarding. Nothing we do is average. We strive to be the best in our class and don´t shy any sort of competition. Our ambition is our reputation and the reason why high-profile organizations trust us. If you become part of our team, you will be visible and respected as a trusted advisor.

Please use the form below to send us your details or submit a full application via email to
We are looking forward to your application.

Open Positions

All positions are home-office based. We will mostly communicate via Zoom. Monthyl status meetings will be held in rotating locations (London, Zürich or Munich).

The following positions are available in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

Data Scientists - In this role, you'll become part of a broader specialist team whose goal is to create business value through actionable application of data. Supporting data science projects at our clients, you'll be expected to implement statistical and machine learning models, as well as assist in the quality assurance process.

ML Ops Specialists - In this role, you`ll be responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of a Machine Learning Operation process (ML Ops) to continuously optimize existing AI development, for the implementation and development of AI processes and algorithms, the strategic development of specialist topics as well as the technical consulting on these topics, for creation of reports and technical documentation, for the programming, testing and analysis of software components, according to specifications and in cooperation with other software developer, for the integration of any developed system in the target system and for the support during system integration.

AI Strategists - In this high-level role your responsibilities include: development of Big Data Strategies based on the challenges of our clients, support C-Level decision making by providing business cases, qualitative assessments and workshops, leading implementation projects and communicating with Data Scientists, Data Engineers & Stakeholders, transforming the business on an organizational level to be ready to become data-driven, analyzing and adapting current business processes to make them fit for their purpose, formulating business needs and translating needs into technological requirements together with Data Scientists and Data Engineers, developing specific Use Cases and guide our client through the entire Use Case lifecycle from creative workshops to implementation, communicating and presenting results effectively and confidently to the clients and advising the client on how data usage is shaping strategic decisions or how artificial intelligence can support the business by opening new fields of operations.

Researchers - This role will require to participate in planning research studies, including creating protocols, consent forms, informational letters to participants, and assist the research team with managing / organizing documentation of research materials, data, media files, etc., communicate with study participants to provide instruction and support as needed, run program surveys and monitor results for data quality, conduct literature reviews and create annotated bibliographies as needed, support data analysis (quantitative and qualitative) in research studies in partnership with other researchers, using various tools (e.g., Excel, SPSS, Dedoose), work with researchers to write reports, briefs, and conference papers and adhere to standards of research ethics and excellence.

Project Managers - You will be responsible for the quality of work, profitability and performance of their projects, with the guidance of their direct supervisor, for overseeing all aspects of project management (scheduling, sourcing, testing, and management of all data, personnel, and resources) from initiation through project completion to ensure on-time, on-budget, and quality delivery, for communicating with other teams within our company, primarily Recruitment, Human Resources, Development, IT, and Operations, for identifying and mitigating risks, for developing detailed project plans in order to monitor and track progress for all projects assigned, for creating and fostering excellent relationships with contractors, freelancers, and participants, for managing pricing and contractual issues by developing a thorough understanding of company procedures, for reporting weekly updates to internal teams and clients and for engaging with recruitment team to ensure resource availability and allocation.


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